Sail in Beautiful San Diego
San Diego Sailing by
Ocean Adventures, LLC
Bareboat Charters in San Diego

If you can show proficiency and have a
sailing resume then you may be able
to rent a boat without a captain.  Here
are the rates for 4 boats:

30 ft Catalina Sailboat $326 per day
33 ft Hunter Sailboat $625 per day
36 ft Beneteau Sailboat $696/ day
47 ft Beneteau Sailboat $987/ day
Full day rates go from 10 am to 9

Discounts for half day are 30% less
than daily rate.  Half day goes from
noon until midnight.  
Call Now to Reserve
What does it mean to "bare boat"?  
It means renting a boat without a
captain or crew.  The renter must show
that he or she is capable of handling
the boat requested.  You may be
asked to answer a series of questions
and/or provide your sailing history.  If
you have a sailing resume it will be
San Diego Sailing is offered by Ocean Adventures, LLC.  We offer sailing charters in San Diego.  We are located on
Harbor Island at 1880 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101.  Phone number 480-636-0675.  Steve Utter is the
owner of Ocean Adventures and the sail boat "."