Sail in Beautiful San Diego
San Diego Sailing by
Ocean Adventures, LLC
How Safe is the boat?
"", our 40 ft Catalina sailboat, is one of the newest boats in
any charter company in San Diego.  Steve Utter, the owner has
sailed her from San Diego over 1500 miles around Cabo, to
Mazatlan and San Felipe and back.  The boat has sailed through
some of the roughest weather you would ever want to be in.  In 15
ft waves and 60 mile an hour winds she handled beautifully.  You
would never see these conditions in a San Diego Charter. There
are life preservers on board, fire extinguishers, flare guns, first
aid kits, and other safety equipment.  The boat just passed a
coast guard inspection in 2010.  

What should I bring?
See this link for what to bring. A sweater or jacket, a bathing suit,
a hat, sunscreen, and more...  
What to bring.  

Is the captain licensed?  Yes.  The captain is licensed and
both the captain and the crew under go drug and alcohol

What can I see on my trip?  You will see sea lions 100% of the
time, various bird life, most of the time. We see dolphins all year
around and during the whale watching season (December
through April) we see the gray whales during their annual
migration.  You see the San Diego downtown skyline and more
depending on the route we take we can go under the Coronado
Bridge, See Glorietta bay or the Hotel Del Coronado.  The point
Loma Lighthouse.  A plethora of military boats, ships and
submarines.  Dozens of other sailboats and so much more.  

What about sea sickness?  We have not had anyone get sea
sick on charters inside the bay and with the bay being 18 miles
long you can spend an 8 hour day inside the harbor and not see
everything.  Outside the bay in the opne ocean there are rolling
waves that can make some people sea sick.  if you are anxious
about sea sickness you might want to take Dramamine and hour
before your charter.