San Diego Whale Watching
aboard a beautiful Sail boat.
San Diego Sailing by
Ocean Adventures, LLC
Whale Watching in San Diego
couldn't be better than watching for
whales in a very comfortable boat that
has all the amenities.  A full galley
stocked with coffee, hot chocolate,
blankets, binoculars, shade.  Our boat is
a floating home with 2
bedrooms(cabins), 2 bathrooms
(heads) a stove, an oven, microwave,
refrigerator, and freezer.  San Diego
whale watching is convenient: You can
board the sail boat on Harbor Island
downtown and then within a few
minutes be out in the open Pacific
Ocean looking for whales.   During the
months between December and April
the whales migrate North & South
close to the shore.  A 40 foot sailboat
is perfect for viewing the
whales because the boat moves along
silently through the water with no
motor. (Of course we have a motor for
back up when there is insufficient wind)
What better way to experience nature
than naturally gliding through the water
the way the whales do.  

San Diego is one of the best places in
the world to see Gray Whales.  The
migration of the whales is from mid
December through mid April.  They
pass by San Diego on their way south
during the early part of the season
then back again north at the end of the
season.  The California Gray Whale is
not the only whale you might see.  You
might also see, Blue whales, Fin Back
Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke
Whales, Killer(Orcas), and false killer
whales, and of course there are lots of

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Gray Whale Migration Pattern:

Mid October the gray whales begin
their migration pattern starting from
the North Pacific.  By mid December
the majority of the Gray Whale
population is between Monterrey
and San Diego.  But they spread out
travelling day and night
approximately 75 miles per day.
They travel along the California
coast with their ultimate destination
just south of San Diego in the bays
along the Baja peninsula of Mexico.
The south migration continues
through March.  Some of the first to
arrive actually start their north
migration in February and the north
migration is complete by mid April.  
There are thousands of gray whales
spread out along the coast for these
5 months and can be seen just a few
miles from shore.

The Gray whale is a baleen whale
which means that they filter their
food by opening their mouth and
swimming eating small plankton.
They do not have teeth. They reach
52 feet in length and up to 36 tons.  
San Diego Sailing is offered by Ocean Adventures, LLC.  We offer sailing charters in San Diego.  We are located on
Harbor Island at 1880 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101.  Phone number 480-636-0675.  Steve Utter is the
owner of Ocean Adventures and the sail boat "."