Sail in Beautiful San Diego
San Diego Sailing by
Ocean Adventures, LLC
What to bring:

The weather can change quickly on the water
so be prepared.

It is normally windier on the water than it is on
land so bring long sleeves.  Either a
windbreaker or sweat-shirt or sweater.  

Bring a hat and sunscreen. You can bring a
bathing suit.  There is a bathroom on board
where you can change.  There is even a swim
deck shower and a fully private shower on

Most people prefer to stay inside the bay
because there is so much to see and where
the water is very flat.  You still get the
excitement of sailing without the sideways
rolling.  We have not had a single person get
seasick inside the bay.  If we go outside the
bay where large waves roll by at irregular
intervals, seasickness is more common.  If you
wish to sail outside the bay you might want to
take Dramamine 1 hour before arriving for
your charter.

We have a pair of binoculars on board but you
can bring your own if you like.

Bring sunglasses.  

Snacks.  We have water, soda and snacks on
board.  Usually chips or pretzels.  Sometimes
cheese and crackers.

You can bring a small ice chest with food and
alcohol if you like.

Wear tennis shoes or soft soled shoes.  No
boots or hard sole shoes .  Be careful where
you walk before coming aboard and please
check your shoes before arriving..  You will be
walking on the deck and if you have stepped in
oil or tar it can track all over the boat.

Arrive with a thirst for Adventure.